Passat Type 32 Europapatent (EP) issued

Issued on 31.10.2019 with the patent number EP 3325895.

Slot jet patent (DBP) issued

Suggested by students of the Aalen University, a slot jet (patent issued) was developed for the optimised heat treatment of eyeglass frames.

This jet makes possible to precisely spot-heat, for instance, the eyeglass frame bridge, whereas the glasses are less exposed to the warm airflow when compared to other jets.

When using the entire length of the slot, a larger heating area will be available for heating up the temple ends.

The heating area can be varied between 4 mm (slot width) and 40 mm (slot length).

This is also convenient when working on horn-rimmed glasses!

Based on the positive response of the students and teachers in optics/optometry course about the jet use, we would like to take this occasion to offer our customers a special bonus.

Software update

New, simplified operating procedure Type 32:

1. An operator (e.g. in the morning) turns the device on. The last used temperature setting will be recalled and displayed (e.g. 140°C). The operator accepts this setting or sets a new one using the right knob. So simple as switching on the device and eventually setting the desired temperature value.

Then the operator "works the glasses".

When the work is done, either: the operator goes away, then the device switches automatically the cooling fan on (approx. 30 sec) after the expiration of the operation time T1 (default = 7 min) and then goes into standby or by pressing the right knob, "cooling" will be activated (default = 2 min), then goes into standby. When cooling is running, by pressing again the right knob turns the device immediately in standby.

2. The next operator comes in, wipes the sensor or presses the right knob, the last used temperature setting will be recalled and displayed. As described above, the operator accepts this setting or sets a new one and then does its work. And this procedure is repeated by each new operator working on the device.

The left knob is used only for setting specific parameters/options and will be activated only after pressing it for at least 15 seconds, to prevent any accidental changes.

Basically, easy to use like the previous model Type 22, however with some additions: temperature display, sensor switch, higher maximum temperature (280°C) and timer switch (as a protection, e.g. when at the end of the day, the device is left on).

Passat 32 page | Operating instructions (PDF)

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